Tuesday, December 2, 2008

JC Penney Linden Street Shopping Spree

Sometimes a girl just gets lucky (or I prefer to call it blessed)!

You've probably noticed that I have an ad network running, called BlogHer and I (along with several other lucky bloggers with BlogHer) was recently given a really awesome opportunity to shop. With someone else's money. JC Penney to be exact. We were all given $500 giftcards to shop for merchandise either online or at the store, in the Linden Street line at JC Penney. Talk about a fun opportunity!! It definitely was. The only catch was...we had to video ourselves either shopping at JC Penney or showing the merchandise in our homes. Uh OH!

So, if you've always wondered what my Southern accent might sound like, I will share 2 videos for your viewing pleasure and you can chuckle and chortle at my expense. Ha-ha! Oh, and I only had my digi-cam video to work with, so that's why it's so short. It filled up my memory card in about 35 seconds! I don't think HGTV will be calling me anytime soon. Apparently, I blink a lot when a video camera is pointed at me. A natural on camera, I am not. :)

YouTube Video #1
- Rhoda shows what she bought at home.

YouTube Video #2
- Rhoda shops lamps in the store.

There you have it! I can't tell you how exciting it was to get this giftcard and get to spend it on Linden Street. The Linden Street line really does have some great looking items and I hope you'll all check them out. I have a wall lamp on order that should come in around January that is going in our bedroom and I'll be sure to show you that when it arrives. I also got some linens too, but the biggest items were the new console table which is now in my livingroom and will be decorated for Christmas, wall lamp, and the hurricane lantern which I will be using at Christmas on my foyer table. When I spotted this black console table online, I really loved the looks of it, so that's the big item I decided on. Since my local JC Penney doesn't carry furniture in the store, I had to order it and have it shipped into the store. I picked it up, put it together and I do love it! Thanks, JC Penney and BlogHer for such a wonderful opportunity!

Now, get clicking on those videos. You know you want a good laugh today!